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Do I have to be in shape before I start?

This is a very common misconception. One of Crossfit’s core concepts is the idea of universal scalability. That is, each movement and workout can be scaled to the ability level of the person performing it. If you cannot do a pull up, we will have you do ring rows and use band assistance until you can. If you cannot lift the prescribed weights you see in the WOD, you will lift something lighter. Our workouts are programmed for the elite athlete and are meant to be scaled down.  That way, the workout will be the same for everyone, but with varying degrees of difficulty. Doing Crossfit is how you get in shape for Crossfit, and we will help each individual scale the workout in a way where they are challenged and continually making steady progress in our classes.

You do a lot of lifting: Does Crossfit make women bulky?

Simply put: No! Women lack the testosterone and growth hormones needed to make them gain size the way a man would. While it is true that lifting heavy will develop your muscles, they aren’t the hulking muscles you’d see on the cover of a bodybuilding magazine. Crossfit isn’t bodybuilding! The amount of running, rowing, and bodyweight movements we do, in addition to the barbell movements, will have you performing – and looking—like an athlete

Strength comes in all shapes and sizes in our gym. What happens to your body as a result of training this way comes down to several things: Genetics, diet, and training volume. Some women are naturally more muscular than others, while others struggle to put on mass. This doesn't have as much to do with the training program as much as it does your genetic makeup.

Secondly, how you eat plays a huge role in how your body reacts to this type of training. If you eat a lot of processed carbohydrates and bad fats, you will likely gain muscle--and fat. You have to eat big to BE big. That being said, many of our ladies have found that they have been able to increase their caloric intake to meet the demands of this training without any negative effects on their physique.

Last, the women you see competing at the Crossfit Games who looked totally jacked--Those women spends HOURS in the gym on their training days. They train, eat, and work with the goal of winning the Games. The average crossfit female will not get "totally jacked" by accident. After a few months of Crossfit you will likely be leaner and notice definition in your arms and shoulders as well as more shapely legs. If this doesn't appeal to you, you've come to the wrong place!

Can I get hurt doing Crossfit?

Injury can happen participating in any activity.  The reality is that Crossfit is safer than most activities performed every day. We take everyone through three stages:

  • 1. Mechanics: You will learn how to do the movement with proper technique
  • 2. Consistency: You will perform the technique with consistency – over and over again with the correct form.
  • 3. Intensity: Performing the movement with speed
  • One step never comes before the other, and we never stop stressing the importance of proper form in our classes!

Why are your monthly memberships more expensive than the average gym?

At the average gym, you pay a monthly membership just to get in the door. This comes with no instruction, no programming of your workout, and, most importantly, no guidance on how to safely execute a productive and effective workout regime. At Crossfit South Hills, we teach you how to move better while implementing an organized training plan and give you the tools to track your progress. This is a gym where we encourage members to set goals and where personal achievements are recognized. The sense of camaraderie and friendship you’ll discover in the community here is unique and not something you’ll find in a regular gym. Plus, with the quality of instruction you’ll discover in the Crossfit community, you are getting personal training at a fraction of the cost!


Where is the WOD posted?

Our workout content is only available to active members. To gain access to the WOD archives, simply click "Login/Register" and apply for an account. Once you have been approved by an administrator, you will be able to log in where you will have access to the WOD and WOD archives.


How Do I Reserve a Class Time?

First, you have to sign up for a membership through our member website. Once you have signed up, you can then click on the calendar to reserve a spot in the classes you want to come to.

To make signing in for classes even easier, we now offer a CFSH mobile app. Check out this post for details on how to save the app to your mobile device's home screen so you can sign up for classes with just a few taps on your screen. 


Have any other questions? Shoot us a message at contact@crossfitsouthhills.com!

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