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Testing Weeks!

Posted On: Apr 02,2017
In: Member Interest

We are about to kick off the next cycle of training, so over the next two weeks we will be testing some max lifts and benchmarks. Additionally, you guys can now look forward to Saturdays being Partner WODs or Heroes (or Hero WODs performed with a partner). Either way, expect a good long sweatfest or grinder almost every week.

If you miss one of these testing days, try to make it up at Open Gym. We will be doing a good bit of strict bodyweight work this cycle (strict pull ups, handstand push ups, and ring work), along with focusing on increasing your back squat, press, deadlift, and Olympic lifts. Now that the Open is over, it's time to get back to really focusing on the fundamentals again.


Mon, April 3: The Crossfit Total (squat, press, deadlift)


Weds: Helen


Friday: Grace
Sat: Partner WOD


Monday, April 10: Olympic Weightlifting Total (Snatch + C&J)

Tues: 2k Row

Weds: Cindy



Sat: Hero WOD