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The 2017 CFSH Winter Throwdown!

Posted On: Jan 03,2017
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Join us Saturday, January 28th as we bring back our annual CFSH Winter Novice Throwdown! This event is geared toward our up-and-coming athletes who want to get a feel for competing as an individual.

Competitors will complete 3 workouts, testing their strength, conditioning, and mental toughness with a Final WOD to end the day between the top tier competitors. Come out and put your fitness to the test!

Who Can Sign Up?

If you are a CFSH member, have never competed in an off-site competition, and can complete most basic skill movements Rx such as 20/14lb wall ball, 53/35lb kettlebell swings, burpees, and full depth squats, you CAN do this! The workouts will be tailored to the abilities of the competitors and will be inclusive the way our Summer League Events have been in the past. 


This is a great way to get ready for the Crossfit Open, which begins February 23rd!

Other Details

The cost for entry is $35 and there will be prizes awarded to the top 3 Male and Female competitors! You can sign up by clicking here.


This event will kick off at 9am and there will be a break between workouts, with the final workout wrapping up around 3pm (depending on how many competitors sign up).


All CFSH members are invited to come and cheer on those competing. Remember this is their first time, so let's show them all our support! There will be a spectator WOD in the middle of the day, so everyone will be able to get in on the workout action. This is always a really fun event--and how some of our top athletes got their feet wet with getting out there and competing at Crossfit.


Competitors, be sure to invite friends and family as well!


If you have any questions, message Coles at!