New to Crossfit?

FREE One-on-One Intro Session

All new members are invited to come in for a Free One-on-One Training Session with one of our coaches who will discuss your goals, walk you through our typical class flow, and put you through one of our workouts.


To sign up for the free intro, CLICK HERE. A coach will be in touch shortly after to find out your availability!

Learn All of the Fundamentals in 3 One-on-One Sessions!

Once you have done the free Intro workout, the next step is to complete our 3 Session On Ramp. This individualized fundamentals program is great for both fitness beginners and more experienced athletes alike: Learn bodyweight movement progressions, basic barbell strength, and get a step-by-step introduction to the Olympic lifts (snatch and clean and jerk) that will lay the foundation for you to progress into regular classes.

On Ramp FAQ

How much does it cost?

The 3 session On Ramp Class is $125. 

What Times Can I Train?

These sessions can be completed at your convenience. When you sign up, a coach will be in touch to find out what your availability is so that you can decide on the times that work best for you.

What can I expect in the On Ramp? Is it going to be too hard..Or too easy?

Each one hour On Ramp session will begin with a structured warm up, followed by a breakdown of all of the new skills you will be learning for the day. We will introduce one or more new movements/progressions (example: ring rows as part of the pull up movement progression, deadlifts, or kettlebell swings). The pinnacle of each session will be the WOD (Workout of the Day) where we will integrate what you learned that day into a timed, high-intensity workout. The WOD is as easy or as hard as you make it. We have had everyone from complete beginners to marathon runners and former football players come in and find the On Ramp challenging, but not impossibly so. Our coaches will work very closely with each individual to ensure they get the most out of the program. All movements can be scaled by using lighter (or heavier) weights, or using modifications of movements.

What happens after the On Ramp is complete?

At the completion of your initial 3 sessions, and at the discretion of your coach, you will have the choice to either join our group classes or to continue with one-on-one sessions. In some cases, more one-on-one sessions may be suggested to help reinforce proper movement patterns and ensure that a client is truly ready to move into group classes.

I have a limitation or former injury, is it possible to work around it?

Yes! We have experience working with individuals who are just coming back from an injury, pregnant and post-partum women, and people with age/weight-related mobility issues. No matter what your limitations are, we will figure out a way to make it work. The goal is to do YOUR personal best--and that will vary from person to person (and day to day). Communicate with your coaches and let them know if you have any previous injuries or limitations so we can help get you moving the best way we can. If you are dealing with a serious injury however, please consult your doctor first before enrolling in our program.

Is there anything else I need to know?

We post a lot on our Facebook Page--Here you'll find member photos, links, and all things related to training, health, and nutrition. Check it out!

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